Good lord.

So I was farting around on YouTube again, watching some Ramones videos, which goddamn. The debt we all owe to the Ramones is tremendous.

And then for whatever reason, YouTube threw me a link to some Stevie. It must have known.

Besides the fact that holy balls is Stevie Wonder a national treasure, I’d like to say a couple of things about the drummer. Thing the first, he’s totally holding the drumsticks in the nerdy proper way, as he delivers pure soul. Remember, kids, craft is not the enemy of art. Thing the second, when’s the last time you saw an afro like that? I’d actually like to enter this drummer’s afro as exhibit whatever in my case that we have become a decadent society concerned only with the comfort of homogeneity. ?uestlove (a drummer himself, which has nothing to do with anything, but it’s coincidental enough to mention) is the one contemporary guy I can think of with an afro like that, but I’ve got money that says he gets at least one comment per day about it. Black people can’t get away with their own hair these days, and I’m prepared to call that one symptom of what’s gone wrong with our culture.


7 thoughts on “Good lord.

  1. Jennifer

    We live in the decade where we can watch Stevie Wonder videos and Ramones videos and make friends via the internet. While I’d like to see more ‘fro on the streets, I’m still calling this a golden era of limitless opportunity.

  2. Steve

    Limitless technological opportunity, I guess. Culturally, legally, economically, we’re superfucked.

  3. Tom

    Worms are totally going to save the environment:

    To get Steve to answer his phone, it’s best to call around 2am, I find. Or call his roommate and drunkenly demand that she make Steve pick up. And announce to him that you saw a commercial for this and have subsequently ordered it for him:

    And stop being such a downer Steve. Any world I can live in and spend a quiet evening drinking bourbon and watching Miller’s Crossing isn’t all bad.

  4. Ananth

    Dude you need to give a warning on that… Now my suggestions are going to be skew more gay than they already are….

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