What is best in life?

Tom tells me that the Samuel Adams brewery has come out with a four-pack of authentic turn-of-the-revolution beers called the Brewer Patriot Collection.  Jesus.  They already gave those of us lucky enough to live here in the birthplace of freedom Boston 375, which was tastier than a mu’fucker (it was, in the words of a dedicated and insightful compatriot of mine, molasses-y without being syrupy).  Now they bestow this upon us.

I must drink these beers.  I shall not rest until I have drunk these beers.  Jim Koch, we are moving closer to the day when I forgive you for Sam Adams Light.

Here’s an interview with the man.  He’s dedicated to righteousness.  N.B. the reference to Doyle’s, the finest bar in all of Boston.


10 thoughts on “What is best in life?

  1. Jennifer

    There is a terrible tendency in American culture to take anything that a person enjoys and to try to attach commercial significance to it. However, perhaps Jim Koch needs an assistant, and you, Steven, have moved one step closer to your true calling?

  2. Tom

    I walked around Philly looking for this on Saturday to no avail. Though, I did get some good stuff at the fancy packy, Three Floyds various beers (which I’d read about online and seemed pretty good, they’ve got two beers that are at once fruity and hoppy, similar to Dogfish Head’s Aprihop, tasty stuff), and some other tasty treats such as a wee-heavy scotch ale and some pine-flavored ale. Oh, and some red ale that might have been flemish.

  3. Ananth

    Tom, be nice to Nicole. She is always nice to me, and that’s how I judge people. Also mead is good in small doses.

  4. Tom

    Nicole is inconsistently nice to me. She doesn’t even trust me enough to drink the shots of Sprite I buy her.

    Though I was drinking Wild Turkey straight at the time. And when my tab came I believe I signed it with the Star of David.

  5. Steve

    However, perhaps Jim Koch needs an assistant, and you, Steven, have moved one step closer to your true calling?

    My true calling involves drinking beer, I think. Like, if I could get a job at the brewery here in Boston, which is where they do the R&D after all, I’d want to be in Quality Assurance. I wonder if your Q.A. report can consist of screaming, “Koch! You lazy SPERMHOUND! You call this LAGER?” then shattering a stein against the far wall, and still be ISO-9000 compliant?

    Also mead is good in small doses.


  6. Ananth

    Everything is pretty much iso 9000 compliant, as long as it is a repeatable process. So if you only guarantee that you will taste the beer every time then you will be level 1. You’ll only get into trouble if you promise the same curses, and throwing the stein at the same place, and smashing it the same way….

    sorry, engineer nerdiness.

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