Seeing as how the Boston Pops played tonight and all…

When I were a lad, my mom had a boxed set of the Boston Pops doing — wait for it — popular songs. Among them was one of her favorites (a family favorite, really), “Mah-Nah-Mah-Nah.” Family consensus regarded the Boston Pops version as a cover tune, though. Everyone knows that if “Mah-Nah-Mah-Nah” is to be sung, it is to be sung by muppets.

Now, through the magic of YouTube, which is really the greatest thing to hit the Internets since Google, here’s the original muppet version from Sesame Street:

Seriously: huge open-mouthed OMG smile, doing the chairbound “I can’t believe how fucking wonderful this is” dance.

(via Slacktivist)

UPDATE: Holy crap.


12 thoughts on “Seeing as how the Boston Pops played tonight and all…

  1. Nicole

    I always thought that the band sang that song- and Animal did the mah nah mah nuh part! Who knew?

  2. Steve

    I thought the definitive version was the Rowlf (sp?) version? No?

    Is there a Rolf version? I demand that you mine YouTube and find out.

    There is too much rock for just one hand.

    Right. Jesus. That should be the motto on all American currency.

  3. Tom

    My bad. The version you have is the version I’m familiar with, though I’ve only heard it, and never seen it (I wrote the above comment before clicking on it). The voice of the dude sounds like Rowlf, probably the same guy.

  4. Steve

    Wait, this is the Internet, I can find out whether I’m right in seconds.

    Nope, look at that. Rowlf was totally voiced by Jim Henson. In fact, he appears to have been Henson’s favorite muppet. Advantage: Tom.

  5. Ananth

    In fact, rowlf was henson’s first mupppet I believe. It is now policy that rowlf will forever remain silent after henderon’s death.

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