Break Africa for a tulip

As most of you know, my hatred of de Beers is pure.

Diamond engagement rings are the result of a de Beers marketing campaign.  Diamonds are as expensive as they are because de Beers controls the supply.  And any diamond you buy is very likely awash in the blood of an entire continent.

I mention this now because of a post Amanda made over at Pandagon concerning some new Leonardo DiCaprio movie about blood diamonds.  Apparently the diamond industry is worried that this movie might give people a bad impression of the diamond trade.  The horror.

Many of you may remember the Wired article I linked way back when:

“No, they’re real,” I tell him. “But they were made by a machine in Florida for less than a hundred dollars.”

Weingarten shifts uncomfortably in his chair and stares at the glittering gems on his dining room table. “Unless they can be detected,” he says, “these stones will bankrupt the industry.”

Nothing would bring me more glee.

Now then, have a Kanye West video.


10 thoughts on “Break Africa for a tulip

  1. Ananth

    It’s just another reason why I hate diamonds. But why I really hate them is that they are inherently worthless. If DeBeers didn’t trick women into thinking that poor slubs should spend 3 months salary on a rock that isn’t that uncommon, they would be worth 5% of their cost. Also, if woman weren’t convinced that the size and amount spent on the diamond had any bearing to the actual amount of love that the guy feels… I mean what would the rather have a down payment on a house, or a diamond ring that is so big that it turns sun rays into a laser beam. This also segways into the whole paying too much for a wedding thing, but that’s a topic for another day.

    Also, I know all woman aren’t like this. Just lots. Not Nicole though. or anyone else ready this blog. I don’t feel like being flamed for being some kind of mysongistic male. Let my male chauvanism rear its ugly head under some other blog entry of Steve’s. Perhaps when discuss why woman are disportionally represented in Math or Science, or how 51% of the voting populations makes up like 20% of all elected officials…

  2. Tom

    If I may be self-congratulatory for a moment, the wife has a ruby engagement ring for, partly, the aforementioned reasons.

    Though, mostly, it’s because she just likes rubies.

    When we were in Africa we saw another stone that seemed interesting called a Tanzanite that is (duh) found in Tanzania and come in some really interesting shades of blue and purple. Also, it is truly uncommon and they expect to have mined all of them in the near future. If I had to do it again I’d maybe go with one of those.

  3. Nicole

    Oh Ananth, you do have good timing. I’m reading through your post thinking, Hey! Wait! I’m not like that. And then I scrolled down a little bit. It’s the whole societal pressure thing rearing its ugly head again. Or the evolutionary representation that if the guy can afford to get a big ring that means he has resources and in the end resources save you from the saber tooth tiger attack on the cave family.

    That said, I still want one- they’re sparkly.

  4. Steve

    Well, I didn’t want the smellanet-enabled computer, because even though society puts huge consumer pressure on me to buy it, the demand for it is totally arbitrary and manufactured, and it’s produced in factories where the workers endure nightmare conditions, and so, as I said, I totally wouldn’t have gotten it, but some trifling, materialistic woman reminded me that her gender doesn’t actually enjoy sex for itself, and uses it only as a bargaining chip to extort gifts from men and restrict their freedom. So, even though I’m a man and thus uniquely capable of lofty moral reasoning, I had to buy it. Don’t blame me, I’m powerless, even though I’m better.

  5. Ananth

    Men should never apologize for buying stuff for themselves…. No one ever said woman didn’t enjoy sex for itself, but boy do they lord it over us.

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