Just in case anyone’s wondering – because I know that you watch CNN and think, “Man, those Democratic presidential primaries will be coming up any year now!  I wonder who Steve thinks I should vote for?” – as of right now, I still like Edwards.


5 thoughts on “Primaries!

  1. Tom

    Gov. Warner from Virginnie has some good things to say. I’ve got my eye on him as well. I wish Hillary would understand that she has zero appeal to moderates, because, well, her agenda is essentially run by committee and it shows.

  2. Steve

    Dude, she has zero appeal to anyone. Conservatives think she’s Stalin in a yellow pantsuit, moderates, as you mentioned, think she’s completely inauthentic, and progressives think she’s a neoliberal corporatist. The only people I know of who like her are other neoliberal corporatists, and there’s only so many of them.

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