How could they do this to us?


Authorities at the prison camp, located on a Navy base in Cuba, reported Saturday that two Saudis and one Yemeni were found dead in their cells after using clothing and bedsheets to hang themselves.

Jesus.  To drive any human being to such lengths–

There have been more than 40 suicide attempts at Guantanamo Bay, but the inmates found dead over the weekend were the first to succeed, the government said.

Forty?  Doesn’t that seem like sort of a lot–

But Harris said the suicides were an act of “asymmetric warfare” aimed at getting the prison closed. He said a “mythical belief” had spread among inmates that the camp would be shut if three detainees were to die.

Warfare.  They killed themselves as an act of warfare.  You incredible asshole.

I give my last quotation to Roy Edoroso:

Fox News announced it would refer henceforth to such suicides as “homicide suicides,” to let viewers know that they were actually attacks on American self-esteem.

Yeah.  This is my country.  This is the United States of America.


8 thoughts on “How could they do this to us?

  1. Ananth

    “Jesus. To drive any human being to such lengths”
    Seriously, these guys in all likelyhood would have killed themselves regardless of Gitmo, the only difference is that they would have strapped explosives to themselves and blown a bazaar somewhere.

    Save your pity for someone who deserves it, not terrorists locked up in a prison.

  2. Steve

    Don’t you have a journal or something that you can write stupid, repugnant shit in? Should you really do it in public?

  3. Steve

    Huh? Me?

    And isn’t that kind of a weird standard of behavior to hold yourself to? “I know I’m being vile, but I perceive that this person is also vile, so it’s Lord of the Flies for everyone!”

  4. Ananth

    Actually I was trying to be flippant. I don’t think there was anything vile that I said in the post. It’s not true that there is a very high probability that many of the detainees in gitmo would have gladly given their life in a ‘martydom’ operation? So I am not suprised that some commited suicide and others have tried.

    That being said, should be have let it happen. No. Is it bad PR? Yes. To me this is not the kind of group that I would waste my empathy on. Just like I don’t feel bad when child molestors are shanked in prison. Doesn’t mean I condone it, but I am not losing any sleep over it.

  5. Graham

    I’m not sure that 30 people who have been held since 2001 attempting to kill themselves is a very high number. Of course any number is high, especially when these men haven’t been charged with anything. I’d wager that it’s probably in line with the U.S. domestic prison population though. Just my $.02

  6. Tom

    Uh, Steve, don’t you mean, “Don’t you have a journal or something within which you can write stupid repugnant shit?”

    Though I do have a healthy, red-blooded desire to see those complicit in 9/11 rectally impaled Zulu-style (or those involved in any ongoing similar plots), those guys do need a trial yo (at the end of which, after being judged guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of their peers, we rectally impale them). I can’t think of one valid reason to remove anyone from the legal process though. Well, I guess I can, but it’s not a good one. Obviously there is a tremendous fear that these people will try something or did try something, and yet no one has enough information to prove it. It was determined somewhere by someone that the fear wins over freedom.

    Also, if my knowledge of prisons is accurate, which is mostly based on B movies, suicide attempts are a good way to get a little break from general population. That said, whoever came up with the term, “homicide suicides” needs to be cornholed.

  7. Steve

    That said, whoever came up with the term, “homicide suicides” needs to be cornholed.

    Roy Edoroso’s on our side. The “homicide suicides” was mockery of Fox News.

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