Questions to which I already knew the answer

It seems that Gridskipper, one of those Calcanis/Denton niche-empire hydra-blogs (in this case, the niche subject is urban tourism) asked its readers if they knew of any Yankees-friendly bars in Boston.  Here’s Part 2, and, finally, Part 3.  The consensus, of course, is summed up in the first published response:

None. Are you kidding? They would be burned to the ground.

Very true.  There is no such thing as a gracious Boston sports fan — in fact, I’d say the defining quality of Boston sports boosterism is its embattled chauvinism.  One World Series victory isn’t going to cure decades of frustration.  So Red Sox fans spend as much time (maybe more) hating the Yankees as they do cheering the Sox, and Yankees fans like me hide our light under a bushel and (reluctantly) find comfort in our moral superiority.