A headline from the sort of world I want to live in

Boing Boing: Bacteria eats chocolate and shits electricity

I imagine vats of these little bastards, metabolizing away underneath the local Shell station:

Microbiologist Lynne Mackaskie and her colleagues at the University of Birmingham in the UK have powered a fuel cell by feeding sugar-loving bacteria chocolate-factory waste. “We wanted to see if we tipped chocolate into one end, could we get electricity out at the other?” she says.

The team fed Escherichia coli bacteria diluted caramel and nougat waste. The bacteria consumed the sugar and produced hydrogen, which they make with the enzyme hydrogenase, and organic acids. The researchers then used this hydrogen to power a fuel cell, which generated enough electricity to drive a small fan (Biochemical Society Transactions, vol 33, p 76).


10 thoughts on “A headline from the sort of world I want to live in

  1. Ananth

    English Majors…. why can’t we all just communicate in binary like or future robot masters will.

  2. Steve

    Everybody knows you can make smoke come out of the aural sensors of potential Robot Overlords by asking them to come up with a word that rhymes with “orange,” so we have to hang onto English at least that long.

  3. Ananth

    that is true. But Dave Issacs can drops two word rhymes in rap for orange.

    Also, who are you to question the robot overlord. They question you.

  4. Steve

    Or the Fields of Implicitûr, whence marches the mighty Host of the Understood Predicate.

  5. Tom

    Sometime you gotta cornhole Jeter like he likes

    That’s the predicate I will choose to understand…and you’re currently killing us in the 3rd.

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