Quote of the day

From Warren Ellis’ “Bad Signal” email:

There’s a bit in one of the later Jack Ryan books — and you’re damn right I read them all, those things sold in the multimillions and were acting on the heads of a mass audience like no-one since Stephen King — where a general says to Ryan, “we will give them HYPERWAR.”  And I said, fuck yeah, show me the HYPERWAR, you funny-looking little man.  No fucking sign of it.  No discussion, no theory, no evidence aside from a single UAV and some micromunitions. If you promise me HYPERWAR, I want to fucking learn about it.  But that might have slowed down the relentless this-happens-then-that-happens-then-this-other-thing-happens.  Prick.  Bad writer.  All those books read like 1000-page synopses.  Which is, I suspect, their charm.  You have to keep turning the page because there is literally nothing else to do.