Lou, your secret Know-Nothing underwear is showing

The indispensable Dave Neiwert:

You know, I think I was just talking about how the anti-immigration movement is increasingly drawing its material from the white-supremacist right …

The source for that image, as you can barely make out, is the Council of Conservative Citizens, a racist hate group.

What’s on the news is not an “immigration debate.”  This is scared Republicans stroking their racist base.  When someone says “illegal immigrants” on one of the 24/7 news networks, feel free to translate that to “Brown Menace.”  There’s no good faith here, just scare-mongering.

6 thoughts on “Lou, your secret Know-Nothing underwear is showing

  1. Ananth

    Right Steve, 12 million illegal immigrants in the last 20 years is just imaginary right? Why is that people who want an orderly process that the United States determines to be followed have to be racist? Just because some people in this camp are racist, doesn’t mean we subscribe to their beliefs. Just because their are a lot of Socialist and Anarchist that support the antiwar movement doesn’t mean everyone who is antiwar is a socialist.

    Also, what is your answer? Should just let everyone in? This is a case of people letting themselves feel bad for the plight of people in other countries, and completely stop thinking rationally. We have to control our borders. Once we control our borders, most people will be willing to allow enought immigrants to come in. But until we can demonstrate that we can control the border, must people do not want another 1986 amensty agreement.

  2. Tom

    Lou has gone crazy. Though every 5th point he makes is good. For example, he’ll say that the president and congress don’t care about citizens and rail on them for their tax cuts for the wealthy or some such bullshit (good point), but then he’ll advocate shipping away all of my brothers and sisters. Cracker. Pick your own oranges Lou, it’s hot out there.

    I think the Democrats need to come out as rabidly pro-information. Before we can say, “send them all home,” or give amnesty, or some sort of hierarchical amnesty, we need to know how many illegals we have. Let’s give them a provisional amnesty for the purpose of information gathering. I’d even be ok with saying we’ll deport them if they don’t let themselves be counted. But we need those numbers if we’re going to act responsibly. If we potentially get $1000 a pop per illegal, we’re in business. That’s a lot of money that can do a lot of good. Though the bill is wildly flawed, it de-criminalizes identity theft in some instances, and that’s crap.

    As a descendant of illegals, I can say that my grandmother would’ve been pissed as hell at all the Mexicans taking the day off work and perpetuating the stereotype of being lazy (though we are lazy, at least I am, and my brothers and sisters, and cousins, and we like to drink, a lot, and wear hats, and nap). By the time the feds caught up to my great-grandmother she had two sons in the Navy in WWII, two daughters – including my grandmother – working in a bomber plant all Rosie the Riveter style, and decided to just leave her be as she was, as they put it, more American than most. Now was she the exception or the rule? Again, we need numbers to know. We also need amnesty and numbers from businesses. We need info from Wal Mart and Burger Kings, farms and construction companies. THEY need amnesty because the information is more important than being punitive, though without a doubt someone will be reminded of the good ole internment camps and hide when it was their turn to be counted. Then we get that info and have Amar and his econ nerd brothers and sisters to build some models and make some projections and shit.

    In addition to being pro-information, we need alert the racist asshole contingent that they are being played. Bush will never kick out the Mexicans. Big business will never kick out the Mexicans. Liberals and Democrats will never kick out the Mexicans. Reagan – the butt buddy in effigy of all those neo-cons instituted the hated 1986 Amnesty. It’s all a scare tactic to get the voter turnout for the midterms. Every Democrat and every smart or business-minded Republican knows that we need illegal aliens and that our economy has become wholly reliant upon them. I don’t even know that I agree that they depress wages, though I see the argument.

    The racist asshole contingent needs it to be pointed out to them that Mexicans are only stealing jobs that don’t require a grasp of the English language or any sort of schooling. Put crudely, jobs for dumb white people. Lets focus on the ‘dumb’. Lets emasculate them and point out how they can’t get real jobs, all Glengarry Glen Ross style, like, “WHOEVER TOLD YOU YOU COULD WORK WITH MEN??!?!?!” That kind of thing. Get all Mamet up in their shit.

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  4. Herschel Numbers

    Why is that people who want an orderly process that the United States determines to be followed have to be racist?

    They don’t, necessarily. But they aren’t the ones for whom this little show is being staged. The racist assholes are. The “thoughtful immigration reform” contingency might play along and lend credibility to this Brown Menace shit by doing Policy Kabuki on the Sunday talk shows, but if they do, they are, to quote Instapundit, “useful idiots.” Or cynical opportunists; whichever.

  5. Graham

    I’d like to point out as my fine Mexican brother does, that this issue is just not being raised by the “racist assholes” as you call them. The Latinos, illegal and legal, are making their presence known as the largest minority and in some places (NYC) the majority. This issue is being built by both sides. As as usual I think there is some space in the middle where they are probably both right.

  6. Steve

    The Latinos, illegal and legal, are making their presence known as the largest minority and in some places (NYC) the majority. This issue is being built by both sides.

    Well, except that what got the Latinos into the streets in Whitey-crap-your-pants numbers was a proposal by Tex Sensenbrenner to make illegal immigration a felony, rather than the civil infraction it now is. So yeah, both sides are building, but the racist assholes picked the fight.

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