A crazy idea I had

In a Political Animal post about John Conyers responding sensibly to the press’ totally liberally-biased repetition of the Republican talking point about how the Democrats will IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH if the voters are foolish enough to elect them this fall, I read this:

When I asked some prominent Democrats how the party should conduct oversight if it wins in November, I was surpised by the number who took this view. Lanny Davis told me “I don’t care about digging up whether Bush lied or not, or whether they manipulated evidence or not. That’s just playing gotcha.” And one committe staffer cautioned “when you do oversight, ultimately, the press is the judge of your credibility.”

See, now, I’d have thought – and really, now who’s being naive, Kaye? – but I’d have thought that the judge of your credibility might be, y’know, THE FUCKING VOTERS.  But I’m probably what a savvy Washington insider would consider one of those shrill grassroots people (which is to say, a voter).  I’m good for money during a race, and to hold my nose and vote for them when the time comes, but they wish I’d stop talking, because I say embarrassing things as above, not to mention that I, personally, usually curse when I do it.

Which reminds me, I’ma have to write a post about “civility” one of these days.