Well here’s my apology and one more thing…

I’ve re-ripped Suicidal Tendencies’ Lights…Camera…Revolution to my iPod.

It is wonderful.  Rocky George plays a lead guitar like no one else I’ve ever heard.  That’s perhaps less a comment on his unique style than on the breadth of my experience, but still.

George’s method is basically to play a constant guitar solo.  He’s not so much participating in the song as he is commenting on what everyone else is playing.  The drums, bass, rhythm guitar and even vocals have a unity of purpose eschewed by Rocky George’s guitar.  He’s not there to be Chuck D, he’s there to be Flavor Flav, except dead serious.

And the music as a whole makes me want to kick a white person’s head in, which is why a young man wears Doc Martens, after all.

Finally, “Alone” is one of those songs like “Full of Grace,” “At My Funeral,” and “I Wish I Was the Moon” that grabs me by my own personal sad bits, which, though it may sound strange, is worth all the gold in the world to me.


One thought on “Well here’s my apology and one more thing…

  1. Jennifer

    Sad songs say so much.

    My sad songs of late are below. In fact, I’m making you a virtual sad songs mix right here.

    Tanya Donnelly, “After Your Party” (which I play a mean cover of)
    Eileen Rose, “Pretty Good Man”
    Johnny Cash, “Wayfaring Stranger”
    David Garza, “Butterflies”
    Leonard Cohen, “I’m Your Man”
    Tom Waits, “Looks Like I’m Up Shit Creek, Again”
    Thea Gilmore, “Avalanche”
    Chris Isaak, “Graduatiion Day”
    Bruce Springsteen, “Highway 29”
    Concrete Blonde, “I Was A Fool”
    Jeff Buckley, “Lover, You Should Have Come Over.”
    Etta James, “I’d Rather Go Blind”
    Devotchka, “How It Ends”
    Neko Case, “Set Out Running”, “Furnace Room Lullaby”
    Tift Merritt, “Shadow In The Way”, “Good-Hearted Man”
    Peter Gabriel, “Here Comes The Flood”
    Joni Mitchell, “River”
    Rhett Miller & Rachel Yamagata, “Fireflies”
    Joanna Newsom, “This Side of the Blue”
    Nora O’Connor, “Revolver”
    Annie Lennox, “Why”
    The Decembrists, “Engine Driver”
    Martin Sexton, “Can’t Stop Thinking ‘Bout You.”
    Elvis Costello, “Alison” – God, that “I know this world is killing you” lyric gets me every damn time.

    Love and love to you, Mr. Steve.

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