Prophecies, self-fulfilling

Boy, the cronyism and corruption of the Bush administration sure has made a mess of FEMA. We should probably fix it raze it to the ground.

“Our first and most important recommendation is to abolish FEMA,” said Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins, chairwoman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. “FEMA is discredited, demoralized, and dysfunctional. It is beyond repair. Just tweaking the organizational chart will not solve the problem.”


It’s quite a scam. Run on government being incompetent and stealing your hard earned money. Take power. Make government incompetent while lining your pockets with as much taxpayer money as possible. Lose office. Make Democrats clean up your mess. Rinse repeat.

Avedon Carol:

So first you wreck the program, then you claim its failures are the result of the fact that “government programs don’t work” – relying on amnesia about the fact that it worked just fine before they started “fixing” it – and then they decide we need to abolish it rather than putting it back the way it was when it used to work.

All according to plan.