Friday Random Ten, “Head full of snot” edition

Oh, my nose. My poor nose.

1. “Amber,” Banco de Gaia
2. “Fantasy (Remix),” Mariah Carey & Ol’ Dirty Bastard
3. “The Lesson Pt. 3,” The Roots
4. “The Pros and Cons of Breathing,” Fall Out Boy
5. “Powers That Be,” Hieroglyphics
6. “Into,” Sigur Rós
7. “Promises of Eternity,” The Magnetic Fields
8. “Plum Dumb,” The Dead Milkmen
9. “Let’s Kiss,” Bullette
10. “Don’t Stop Till You Get to Bollywood,” Bollywood Freaks

Again, that Fall Out Boy’s not mine; I’m holding it for a friend.


16 thoughts on “Friday Random Ten, “Head full of snot” edition

  1. Nicole

    Ok I know this is not connected to your Random Ten, but it is a random comment, and it needed to go somewhere. I was in NYC this weekend and about 500 people asked me about your blog. Ok, well 5, but I think you’re going to be famous soon.

  2. Tom

    Steve, weren’t you just whining about your feet in a previous post? Take it easy already Dorothy.

    I looked at your blog from an internet cafe in Namibia, so you’ll have that cool hit.

  3. Steve

    What, like random homeless guys on the street, or people we know? Then again, I was pretty sure five people total read this thing, so there’s double the audience right there, even assuming it is people I know.

  4. Ananth

    it wasn’t me. I haven’t been to NY in a month. And I don’t know nicole or what she looks like, nor does she know me unless she does which would be kind of scary.

  5. Nicole

    Bina, Kate, Amar, Devon, and Leah (Bina’s friends from school). I think your readership would increase though, if you added a gossip portion. Politics can be a little bit dry sometimes. Or perhaps a “Random social(ite) commentary section” – I could host it.

  6. Steve

    Blogs are free, playa. ‘Sides, I don’t just post about politics. I post about the Grim Meathook Future sometimes, not to mention the Shiny Rocketship Future other times.

  7. Nicole

    Ananth, must you deny our love for each other??

    Steven, I was just making a suggestion, it would stir things up a little to talk about Britney and her new devil-spawn baby. And about how KFed is the most fertile man on Earth. Talk about a Shiny Rocketship Future.

  8. Ananth

    Nicole, what part of secret, elicit, love affair don’t you get ?Now that’s its all public, the thrill is going to be ruined….

  9. Ananth

    I am a computer programmer. I can’t be held accountable if I can use Microsoft Office’s grammar checker to catch those kind of mistakes.

  10. Tom

    Dude, how come you don’t even put Campbell’s page up on your blogroll? How come my picture of a baboon penis hasn’t been posted yet? That’s gold baby, GOLD!! And where the fuck is Pedro?!?!?

  11. Steve

    I wouldn’t even know about his weblog if Nicole hadn’t told me. I don’t think he wants it enough.

    Baboon picture forthcoming.

  12. Nicole

    Amar thinks it is the funniest thing ever that you don’t have Graham linked. It is his favorite piece of trivia. Tom, I think I know how to post pictures if you want the goods. Providing Steve’s page is anything like Myspace, we’re in business.

  13. Steve

    I guess the important lesson we’ve learned here today is that the weblog, here, is not cocksucking MySpace.

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