Friday Random Ten, “On the run from The Man” edition

I’m posting this from work, after having run the iPod through ten songs worth of shuffle play with the headphones disconnected. Such is my devotion to you, my audience.

And now, the FRT:

1. “War,” Mos Def
2. “Solace of You,” Living Colour
3. “Time,” Sarah McLachlan
4. “Starter Kit,” Land of the Loops
5. “Rainbows,” Madvillain
6. “The theme from DANGERESQUE,” Strong Bad
7. “Sex, Love, and Money” Mos Def
8. “Grand Canyon,” Magnetic Fields
9. “War at 33 1/3,” Public Enemy
10. “Once,” Pearl Jam

One notes that the list begins with a track from Mos Def’s new album, followed by a track from Living Colour, whose influence is apparent to me on Mos Def’s new album.

Also, Strong Bad, so we got that going for us this week.