On rooting for one’s team

Theresa Nielsen Hayden, who is wise as I hope to be someday:

Someone has to declare a dividing line. I’m doing it. After this, there are three reasons to publicly support Bush, or to insist there must be an excuse for his actions:

1. You’re stupid.

2. You know there’s no excuse, but you’re too dishonest and unpatriotic to say so.

3. You’re bound by solemn oath to make a public show of supporting him (i.e., you’re in the military, and your job requires it).

Pick one.

This follows the latest example of bald-faced lying on the part of the straight-shootin’ President who declassifies information on a whim to take revenge on those who would dare question him bring the Truth to the People. Those two trailers they found in Iraq, the ones for makin’ barely-WMD biological weapons? We know they weren’t for that at all. The President knew they weren’t, either, and then he spent a year lying about it. I mean, among the other things he was lying about.

So yeah, just sayin’. Those three reasons above are about all I can think of for making excuses for Bush, too. Have been for a while, but every day just brings more reinforcement for my position.


2 thoughts on “On rooting for one’s team

  1. Ananth

    there is a fourth choice

    I hate having to defend the President, but the shit you say is so stupid and factually inaccurate, that I have to because I can’t stand it.


    (I saw the actually reports they were talking about at work, but I can’t remember there names, but they do exist and are dated before the 29th)

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