Friday Random Ten, “No la tengo” edition

1. “Where Have You Gone?” Mike Doughty
2. “Under Cover of Darkness,” Living Colour
3. “Unrelated Thing,” They Might Be Giants
4. “Do You Want More?!!!??!” The Roots
5. “Ballad of a Comeback Kid,” The New Pornographers
6. “Stockholm Syndrome,” Yo La Tengo
7. “Clockwork,” Dilated Peoples
8. “It’s Summertime,” The Flaming Lips
9. “I Confess,” Land of the Loops
10. “Barnaby, Hardly Working,” Yo La Tengo

Having just started a job that puts me on my feet for an entire shift, even if I only have two shifts a week, I must reveal to you, my faithful audience, that my feet fuckin’ hurt.  I’ve been hobbling around town with a grimace on my face for the past week and a half, to the extent that I’m drawing sympathetic expressions from women who spend their entire working lives in high heels (which makes me feel guilty).

For now, the sweet, sweet NSAIDs, they are my friends.


4 thoughts on “Friday Random Ten, “No la tengo” edition

  1. Steve

    No, no. Ever since the pimping market bubble burst, it’s too hard out here for a pimp.

    My new job is in retail. I shall refrain from naming names or busting out any more identifying information at the mo’, because nothing positive ever came out of discussing your employer on your blog. Well, unless you’re Matt Scoble, I guess.

  2. Jennifer

    Here is my Friday Random 10. Because I know you want to know.

    Chaiyya Chaiyya Bollywood – Inside Man Soundtrack
    Burnt By The Sun – David Byrne (I’d forgotten what a wicked good song this is)
    Kayleigh – Marillion
    No Peace Los Angeles – Mike Doughty
    Mama Tried – Old 97’s
    Secret World – Peter Gabriel
    Wandering Star – Portishead
    Farewell Blues – the Seatbelts
    Restless – Tonya Donnelly
    Georgia On My Mind – Willie Nelson

  3. Steve

    That’s a good one. I swear I’ll put up new blog posts any day now, including an FRT.

    Also, yes, “Burn By the Sun” is the bomb shit.

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