The continuing advantage of meat over silicon

So I’ve been using Mail, the email program that comes with OS X, as my email client lately, hoping that it will be less prone to crash my shit than Thunderbird (by no means have we proven this hypothesis yet).  Just now, the spam filter on Mail decided that Earthlink’s periodic Spam Report email is, itself, spam.

This is by way of mentioning that y’know how those spam filters are supposed to figure out what’s spam and what isn’t by learning from what you, the user, tell it is spam?  No.  In my experience, the filters just get more and more confused.

In related news, I heard a cover version of the Pixies’ “Head On” playing in some mall store the other day.  It was no radical reimagining, which while wrong-headed, would at least have (feebly) justified its existence by its sheer belief that it had something new to contribute.  No.  It was a WB-ification of “Head On.”  It was, then, pure evil of the most Arendt-esque banality.

What flawed decision-making process could have led to this travesty?  I ain’t saying that it was a sentient spam-filter, but I ain’t saying I’d be surprised to find out that it was.


5 thoughts on “The continuing advantage of meat over silicon

  1. Steve

    Yeah, but the Pixies rule, and this song was crappy. If it was the Jesus and Mary Chain version I heard, then the Pixies have retroactively made it their own. I think it must have been some new version, though.

    My spam filter still sux.

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