Watch the skies

Important information for the concerned voter, via Making Light:  Reptilians in Government.

This list was sent anonymously but a lot of the names can
be verified by others in files on this site and others who expose government
corruption, black projects, coverups and aliens. Here are things as they
stand from one who “sees”: If you see your name on this list and
you would like to protest, just send us an email and we’ll post it. I’m
not claiming these people weren’t 100% human at one time, what I am saying
is that they invited the control and bodily takeover of Reptilians through
blood drinking and rituals and now can be bodily overtaken by them or possessed
against or within their own will.

I think it’s awfully polite of them to invite disputation via email of one’s status as an evil, blood-drinking lizard person.

I note with some amusement that Joe Lieberman is not a reptilian, but a “Very high alien/other type,” while McCain is an “Alien hybrid.”  Obviously, these people are paying attention.