Blog Against Sexism

It being International Women’s Day, it’s also Blog Against Sexism day.  Sexism’s reached a bit of a high tide in the U.S. lately, so I think it’s pretty important to pay attention, both to the evil shitstains who talk about “saving babies” when what they mean is “controlling uteruses,” and also to the advances (or at least successful stands against regression) that are being made.


First, the Tenth Carnival of the Feminists at Indian Writing, a weblog I haven’t read yet, but one I will now.

Also, a few posts from the usual suspects:  here’s Jill at Feministe, Amanda at Pandagon, Sheelzebub at Pinko Feminist Hellcat, and our Pole Star, Twisty at I Blame the Patriarchy.

More later, if I can think of anything useful to add.