Dance, little sick monkey, dance

During the Oscars tonight, did you see the commercials for this new show Miracle Workers?

What the fuck kind of country do I live in, where people have to go on television and parade their illnesses for my entertainment, so that they can recieve medical treatment?


5 thoughts on “Dance, little sick monkey, dance

  1. Nicole

    It is the worst of television as far as I am concerned. Even though I think someone would argue that they’re getting help because of the tv show blah blah, the problem is that it is preying on human weakness in the worst way possible.

  2. Graham

    This is very simple. They have no more chances. They need ABC to pay for their medical treatment. Never mind that 400 other people like them aren’t on TV. Think of how lucky they are. You are all so selfish.

  3. Tom

    These people are my job. Except I’ve always worked in states where the services of, say, a cardio-thoracic surgeon, would not be denied for any reason unless we’re talking the insertion of a Lee Majors style heart-that-will-keep-beating-even-after-you’re-dead.

    Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, you need to be dragging at least 350 extra grams in your boob for us to pay for a reduction, so the lady with 250 grams is out of luck, even though I’ve seen her pictures, and I hear you babe.

    Though in England the minimum is like, 700 grams or something. So we’re better than them.

  4. Tom

    I watched some of this last night and it’s not as bad as it could be. I don’t think any of the procedures people want would ever be denied, it would just involved a fairly ridiculous amount of red tape. Probably in exchange for the television rights, the network agrees to pay for the procedure, or the difference between whatever is left to be paid for the procedure after insurance pays. They’re definitely exploiting them at some level.

    The thing that is slightly funny for me is that patients have a right to change their mind at any moment with regard to their HIPAA privacy rights, so one of these families would be completely within their rights to declare one hour before broadcast that they don’t want their protected health information revealed. And no contract can be written that limits that right.

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