They’ll talk shiny for you in your pocket

I only listen to one podcast, and that’s Escape Pod. Haven’t come across anything else that makes me want to listen to it (which says more about how hard I’ve looked than what’s available, I’m obligated to add). So, since we, and be “we” I mean “I,” love the short SF on our iPods, here’s an anthology: Voices. It includes, as we see from the BoingBoing referral, “Anda’s Game,” by Cory Doctorow. “Anda’s Game” is a really good story in and of itself, about the intersection of MMORPG economies and those of the real world, and in this case is read beautifully by Alice Taylor of Wonderland (which will be in the blogroll as soon as I figure out how to include a #@$!% blogroll in the sidebar).
(via BoingBoing)