Please do not strike the server with that bottle of champagne

Okay. El blogo nuevo is up. For now, I’m just using the lovely and functional K2 theme, which I shall customize and/or supplant as time goes on.

Per aspera, of course, is part two of the phrase “Ad astra per aspera.” Most people concentrate on the first part, “to the stars.” “Per aspera” means, depending on whom you ask, “through our endeavors,” “through difficulties,” or “through rough ways,” to use just the first three definitions I got off a Google search.

I like the multiple meanings of ambition and hardship packed into “per aspera,” and, of course, the implied idea that our destination is the stars. By “our” I mean humanity, and you may take “the stars” both literally and figuratively, because I do.

So hopefully, that gives you an idea of what to expect here. A lot of articles about the greater human endeavor, which for me usually translates to posts about politics and the advance of technology, all from the perspective of a breathtakingly uninformed layman. Oh, also cute bunnies and kittens, and just things I find compelling in general.

Welcome to the beta test.

3 thoughts on “Please do not strike the server with that bottle of champagne

  1. Nicole

    First! YAY! It is funny that you have named the blog Per Aspera BECAUSE when we were chatting on the phone when I was so excited because Armageddon was on, and I was harassing you about your blog, it was around the part in the movie when Bruce and Liv ar having a moment in the monument dedicated to the fallen astronauts, and the motto on the column behind them, is, of course…

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